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Posted by ^DiLoG^ on Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Dementia, if you are heard about this disease for the first time you don’t have to be panic. As many cases appear about this, there is a way how to reduce the effect. While I heard about this disease for the first time, I was so afraid because the effects that will be occur to the victim. I was thought that wouldn’t be the cure.


When my neighbor, 58 years old man got claimed as dementia victim by the doctor and when I came to his house for short visit time. I saw him stand beside the window on his room. I gave him a big smile, but he didn’t reply me with a smile. He was looked at me, just like a person who met a stranger for the first time.


I asked at myself, what happen to him..? Didn’t he recognize me anymore? I told to his son, asked about his father condition, he said that his beloved father claimed as dementia victim. I feel so strange, so I try to search on the internet. I read all the articles try to understanding dementia.


After I got a little information about it, I found a web that give explain about dementia symptoms. Dementiaguide.com are open my eyes about this disease. On their web, they explain about dementia treatment that we should read how to handle the victim. And I think it’s good for the people to learn more about dementia from this web and know how to handle that could be anyone claimed as dementia victim.

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